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About Rural Floral

Bespoke florals using homegrown, locally sourced and premium luxury flowers

Rural Floral was created by me, Faye, lover of the great outdoors and my home county.  With a background in Art & Design and an enthusiasm for gardening, I am fortunate to be able to combine two of my passions in rural Herefordshire.

I enjoy nurturing unusual, timeless, and fragrant blooms from seed to bouquet.  These delicate and fleeting flowers are seldom found on the high-street and are perfectly suited to weddings and events.

Joy comes in selecting and sourcing new varieties to grow for my clients, discovering seedlings emerge, buds bursting into bloom, and watching bees & pollinators enjoy the flowers before they are woven into beautiful designs. 

My style involves combining unexpected palettes and textures to produce intriguing results which express the recipient and seasons. 

We grow sustainably, with love and care of the natural world, and respect of the inhabitants with whom we share our garden. Growing this way allows nature to balance itself and means we tread a little lighter.

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